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DJ.Entertainment - Full Time or Freelance ( รับเปิดเพลง & งานอีเวนต์ต่างๆ )


   Our plush Lobby Lounge is the meeting place in Bangkok. With its Congenial atmosphere, you can relax over a drink, or sit at the most interesting bar in town.      " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> Click image to see it ! Resident DJ.Phong, distill their musical selections to infuse your evenings in this paradise with an indescribable sensuality. The experience is summed up brilliantly in the famous " The Rendezvous Bar " compilations. Rendezvous View " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Thai International Consultant Music Entertainment)" target="_blank">"> PROFESSIONAL DJ. รับเปิดเพลง & งานอีเวนต์ต่างๆ เช่น งานแต่งงาน,งานครบรอบต่างๆ,งานวันเกิด,งานปาตี้เฮ้าส์,งานเปิดตัวสินค้า ฯลฯ เป็นต้น Dear : All FB Club Managers & Event Managers

I heard from a very reliable source that your club is one the best because of it’ s excellent music and entertainment. My name is Mr. Siriphong P. (DJ.Phong) I am a Disk Jockey in Bangkok (Thailand)

WORK EXPERIENCE : Now! *Resident DJ. The Landmark Bangkok Hotel (Sukhumvit Rd,) "The Rendezvous Bar"  * 2005-Present  To Belong B-Concept Media Entertainment Group (This is Artist Contract by Contract)
* Every Tueday  Guest DJ. La Villa Italina Restaurant (Thonglor Soi9)
* Every Wed-Sat  Guest DJ. Indus Club & Restaurant (Soi Sukhumvit 26) Finish 6/2007
* If Have Events  Guest DJ. Pan Pacific Hotel "The White Room" (Rama IV Rd.)
* Every Weekly  Guest DJ. Roxy Bar & Club (Silom Rd, Soi4) The End Now
* Every Weekly  Guest DJ. R.US Club & Restaurant (Soi Phahonyothai 12) The End Now
* Every Wed-Fri  Guest DJ. Mussel Bar (Soi Sukhumvit 71) The End Now
* 2002-2005  Resident DJ. Opera Riserva 1983 Winetheque (Soi Sukhumvit 39) The End Now
* 2001-2002  Resident DJ. Red Parrot Bangkok Pool Bar & Lounge (Patpong) The End Now SPECIAL PROJECTS : * 29May2007  Special Guest DJ. In The Landmark Bangkok Hotel (Staffs Party) * 13-15 April 2007  Special Guest DJ. In Hyatt Regency Hua Hin Hotel (Songkran Festival) 
* 31Dec2006-1Jun2007  Special Guest DJ. In The Landmark Bangkok Hotel (New Year's Eve Party) 
* 20June2006-30June2006  Special Guest DJ. at Movenpick (Karon Beach Phuket)
* 1Mar2006-19June2006  Special Guest DJ. at Crowne Plaza (Karon Beach Phuket)
* 17Dec2005-17Jan2006  Special Guest DJ. at Lee Meridien (Khao Lak Beach & Spa Resort)
* Dec2003  Competiton Proneer CDJ. Contest
* 6Sep2003  Event In Spirit Of The Dance (At BEC TERO HALL)
* Dec2003  To Join Event With The House Of Indies
* Sep2003  To Join Event Beach Party (Pattaya Park Beach) I believe that my work experience is everything and more for great and impressive DJ entertainment.  I am also a graphic Designer, however my main passion is music and entertaining people.  (My Favourite Music Styles) - World Music                     - Indian Music                       - Chilled Out Music   - House Music                    - Latino Music                       - Funky House Music - Buddha Bar Music        - A Jazzy Deep House         - Techno House Music     I am very interested at the prospect of joining your club as a Disk Jockey, I am willing to work night shifts and willing to be tested and interviewed at your own convenience please refer to... My Music VDO " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> My Photos Album : " target="_blank">">Click Here ! " target="_blank">"> Please listen my music online : " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> My Favorite Music VDO (DJ.Phong Presents) :" target="_blank"> Booking DJ.Phong,  Phone : 089-1411002     Email : [email protected]">[email protected] you can talk with me real time online in Skype (my Skype name : djphong) Live Chat MSN :  [email protected]">[email protected] PRICE RANGE  Choose Includec Price Resident DJ. - My CD Music Style - Headphone - 4 Hours Maximum - 7 Nights per weeks     50,000 ฿ Salary *This is Teamwork Guest DJ. - My CD Music Style - Headphone     2,000 ฿ per Hours   Events Party - My CD Music Style - Headphone - 2 CDJ Player - 1 Mixer Player - 6 Hours Maximun      16,000 ฿ per events
* Not Includec Lighting & Sound System 50,000 ฿ per events
* Includec Lighting & Sound System [Full Equipment]  PS. This Price Location : Bangkok City / ไม่รับเปิดเพลงแนวตลาด ! " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">">  " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">"> " target="_blank">">   My Light Graffiti " target="_blank">"> Hoping to hear from you soon !  Sincerely, (Booking DJ.Phong,) ดีเจพงศ์" target="_TOP">    " target="_blank">"> Sponsored Links :" target="_blank">">  &  " target="_blank">">" target="_blank">  *NEW Pioneer HDJ-2000 Pro DJ Headphones ราคา 11,000 บาท  สนใจติดต่อโทร 089-1411002  

ราคา: ไม่ระบุต้องการ: ขาย/ให้เช่า/แลก
ติดต่อ: DJ.Phong, (ดีเจพงศ์)อีเมล์: 
สภาพ: ใหม่ จังหวัด: กรุงเทพมหานคร
โทรศัพย์: 089-1411002IP Address: 

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